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Default Take echo's Motorcycle Safety Course!

I started this over on the other forum but Ive been thinking about it since then.

This is intended for the new rider. It would be a shame for all the experience I have die with me. Ive been riding since ~1969 and have maybe 200k miles under my belt. Ive never been injured riding a motorcycle or had anything like a serious accident. Ive never had a "safety course" or any professional instruction.

Although I have ridden with some people who were a lot better than me and I learned a lot from them.

Lets get started!

Motorcycle Safety begins and ends in your head. "Learn to ride" courses have their place and you would do well to take one if you are new to the sport. You will learn a lot about riding a motorcycle from others too. You are going to have to learn all that somewhere else however. I hope you take my advice about how to go about it.

No one should be allowed to ride a motorcycle. Its too dangerous. You can get killed or maimed and theres NOTHING you can do about it. Its not responsible. My brother used to ride one in college and whenever I see him he says something like "Are you still riding that ****ing motorcycle?" My doctor used to try to talk me out of it also.

They are absolutely right.

The reason you ride one is danger used to be a way of life for our ancestors. They dealt with it almost every day. You are never more alive then when you are fighting for your life. If you ride very much you will know fear also. Overcoming your fear and learning to deal with it makes your life more meaningfull in ways that NOT doing so could never impart. People who minimize the danger and fear in their lives might have it a little easier.

But they are also not really living either.

This instruction in motorcycle safety is divided into two parts. There are two ways you can get hurt/killed on a motorcycle. Either you are going to do it to yourself. Or someone (thing) else is. Put another way there are two things you have to know to (as much as possible) ride a motorcycle safely. One is how to ride it. How to shift. How to turn. How to brake. Things like that. The other is how to ride in traffic. You have to learn to read traffic and anticipate what its going to do.

For this reason it is NOT wise to combine the two. If you are unsure how to shift, turn, and brake a motorcycle AND you are out in traffic before you understand how to deal with it you are REALLY asking for it. My advice is to get a dirt bike and ride on the farm or in the woods. Or on back roads in someplace like Nebraska where there is NO ONE else around. But you might not live in a rural area. In that case stay on the side streets. Ride in the developments where there are just houses without stores and stuff. NOT downtown and not in congested areas. You will have to look around. Maybe you know someone who lives out of town on a back road and you can keep the bike there. Maybe you live in a sleepy neighborhood where theres little traffic.

to be continued...

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