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Default Any Tyre experts here?

I finally bought the pro version of Tyre and was informed by someone that creating a route and then importing into GPS as "tracks" makes for the most accurate navigation. I tried it out and that appears to be true. This makes me happy.

Unfortunately there's an issue with this that I can't seem to resolve and I'm hoping maybe someone here can help. I've created a route that I will be leading and it's in an unfamiliar area. The issue is if I import the route in my GPS as "tracks" the names stops (gas, lunch, etc) are no longer named. They only remain named if I import the route as waypoints, which is less accurate routing. You can see this illustrated in the images accompanying this post.

So what I'm wondering is if anyone knows of a way I can have named points in Tyre that will import into my GPS via tracks. I'd really prefer to do it that way if possible. The other option would be to write down the stops with corresponding miles along the route next to them so I know when to start looking...but I'd rather use the technology if I can.

Also I should add, I can change the name of the tracks in Tyre and save the file, but when I put it in my GPS it still just lists the waypoints.

Should also add I'm using a Zumo 660

Thanks in advance!
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